Application Process


Faculty Mentors or program directors can nominate a current or prospective doctoral student by completing the Nomination Webform.

  • Due Dates are March 10 (MIDAS-track; Data Science Students) and May 1 (DCMB-track; Bioinformatics Students), 2023 (and annually after that).

  • BIDS-TP Executive Committee will review all nominees for eligibility and make offers and funding decisions based on candidates’ qualifications, mentors’ research, and match with the BIDS-TP goals.

  • We strongly encourage nominations of trainees who are members of traditionally underserved groups, as well as applications of students with disabilities.

  • Email questions/inquiries to Kati Ellis ( & the Program Team (

Nominating Process

Nominations will be reviewed in April/May. BIDS-TP faculty mentors or graduate program directors may nominate pre-candidate doctoral students by completing:

  1. The Nomination Webform (see below).

  2. Submitting letters of nomination (from student mentor(s) or program director) summarizing the applicant’s qualifications, background, and aspirations, along with any information pertinent to the decision-making process. Describe the relevance to biomedical informatics, computational health analytics, data science, and the nature of the research dissertation problem, if known. Nomination letters are limited to 2 pages.

    • New Incoming UM Doctoral Students

      • For incoming direct Bioinformatics students, request a nomination from the BGP Directors, Burmeister/Sartor.

      • For incoming PIBS Bioinformatics students – eligible for Fellow/Trainee appointments that may transition to Fellowships next year, request a nomination from BGP Directors, Burmeister/Sartor.

      • For all other incoming students (e.g., Engineering, Data Science) – eligible for Fellow/Trainee appointments that may transition to Fellowships next year, request a nomination from your specific graduate program Director (and inform MIDAS Program Director, Dinov).

      • For Current/Continuing UM Doctoral Students, please coordinate nomination with your main advisor and select a potential BIDS-TP Faculty Mentor as co-advisor.

  3. Nominee statement of research (limited to 1 page) including an abstract, references, career goals, and relevance to BIDS-TP. No more than 1 figure and 1 table are allowed. Focus the statement on biomedical informatics and data science. Explicitly indicate student commitment to complete all BIDS-TP requirements. This statement may be added to the UM graduate application research statement.

  4. CV/Biosketch of the nominee (2-page limit).

  5. Complete copy of the nominee’s Rackham graduate application, if available.


  • Faculty sponsors (nominators) who are not yet members of DCMB, CCMB or MIDAS should submit their applications to join CCMB and/or MIDAS at the same time of submitting the BIDS-TP student nomination.

  • All BIDS-TP Faculty Mentors commit to active participation in BIDS-TP activities.

For questions, comments, or clarifications please email: